About Us


The Alliance Pray! Team is a ministry of the Christian & Alliance in Canada.


K Neill Foster has many resources that you may find helpful.

Why pray?

Every religion practices some form of prayer, and so do some atheists! Prayer acknowledges a higher authority and almost always reflects an understanding of worship.

Some people pray daily, others pray when there is sickness or trouble. There is a deep desire to pray when faced with times of crisis. For some however, the motivation is not a crisis.
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What to pray for?

General Assembly is a national gathering held every two years by The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. This five-day gathering, happening in May 2018 in Calgary, Alberta is a fresh reminder of who we are and what our purpose is.

General Assembly 2018 needs intercessors. Pray at Assembly, with a church group, or at home. For more information, go to